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After the passing of her father, young Kamla (Baby Roshni) goes to live with Shankar (Surendra Jr.), shares a close bond with him, but is abused and ill-treated by his mother (Amir Banu). Shankar's crippled and ailing father (Shivraj) passes away, and his mother turns her over to an orphanage. She manages to escape and ends up at a Bhagwan Shiv Shankar's Mandir, forsakes all memories from her life and makes a commitment to live there for the rest of her life as a Poojaran. Years later they are asked to perform prayers at Kamlapur Utsav, and she (Madhubala) is asked to accompany them. This is where she will meet her childhood sweetheart (Dilip Kumar) - but faces uncertainty when she sees him in the company of Mohini (Shammi) - the woman he is going to marry soon.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)