0.5 Poor


pathetic..js nt d word!!hopeless making tho the script is a bit gd ..nikhil has failed2 sho it in d perfect way..!1st half bores u to death wch mkes u loose interest in the rest of movie!taran has atlest givn 1 star...may b cuz of d cast othrwiz its nt liable evn for a single star!who says kal ho na ho is bein directed by nikhil advani!??anther point is thd its a 4 hour movie wch's obviously goi2 b a bore if u dont make it thd intrsting!?..the best timepass in the movie - title n tenu leke songs..wch entertain or els the sohail - isha pair is of no use also shocked thd hw come tis big stars hv acptd d role..wt hd they thot b4 signin it!? theoption here gives least rating as 0.5 ...bt i wd giv as -2