5 Excellent


I watched Salaam e Ishq last night and it is a awesome movie. I personally cant sit on one chair when the movie is 2 hours 20 mins.. my knees start to ache badly and i go restless.. and while watching Salaam e Ishq last night was was 3 hour plus movie.. I didnt feel a thing. Thats mainly because the movie is awesome.. very well made and all the love stories kept my interest on screen. It was totally hilarious. Was laughing through out. Entire movie hall was packed and it was sold out. I saw lines outside the movie which was amazing to watch the next show.
Salman looked the youngest in the movie. He looked sooooooooooooooo HOT!! God bless him..he was simply the best! I wish I could see him more in the movie but he performed beautifully and made his audience smile all the time and with age he is getting younger and younger.
Akshay Khanna... I dont know why he disappeared ... he is such a cutie.. and was awesome. Govinda was awesome too. Govinda, Akshay Khanna, Salman Khan. Sohail Khan were hilarious. In actress ... Australian actress she takes the cake. She was awesome. Fantastic and hilarious with her Hindi.
John Abraham and Vidya Balan had such a touching love story and made me cry.
Anil Kapoor and Juhi were good. I dont know the name of the girl but she will be Anil's girlfriend.. she was beautiful.
On the whole the entire movie was such entertaining that seeing it once wasnt enough.. I am going to watch it again. A must watch for entire family. Nikhil Advani did a wonderful job. Kiddos to him.
I give this movie all 10 stars. All actors and actresses were superp. Go and watch it .. you wont be disappointed. The only disappointing thing is to read such bad reviews about a good movie from media. I hope they start to work for the real sense instead of getting themselves sold for money and try to tarnish a good movie.