4.5 Excellent


Look guys if you are in mood for have blast in this Diwali, I would recomened you to not to watch Sawariya. But if you want to see a good movie buy a ticket and then go watch it.

I know that a lot of crtitics have said a lot about the film. But can't you people think it as fantasy. When your garndmas tell you stories of different people from different countries in hindi do u say in whinch part of the world else then india people talk in hindi. Even when you read Arabian Nights why don't you ask the author that where can you find a magic carpet/ a gini. So I don't know why you people are askin SLB that in which part of world it is that dark, where people speak in that many language and why can't man fall in love with a stranger. I know it's a dark film but it is just the way SLB wanted to present it. He wanted to make it just a simple love story rather than a film full of dance, loud heavy music, action, romance, emotion and make it a khidchi. The beauty of Sawariya lies on its simplicity. So personally I don't feel that Sawariya fails on it's subject, exicution of subjenc, screenplay, presentation, art direction, music or in acting department. But it surely fails on the pre-publicity of the film and also the release time. For the last one mont everywhere it was like that in this diwali there was just single movie called OSO. SLB and Sony pictures forget to use the stardom of Salman Khan and Rani Mukherji. Even we couldn't see Rani in any trailer. Salman also didn't come forward to publicise the film. Ranbir and Sonam were just seen in sony entaertainment television. And also there was no suprises that was promised for viewers in the film trrough those trailers. And man for godsake it's Diwali, people would generally want to have some fun rather than go and watch a simple dark love story.

So Really sorry SLB your product was good but everythind else made it a failure.