4.5 Excellent


People who are saying Saawariya was a bad movie and don't go watch it are the ones who are into the popularity race between SLB and Shahrukh khan. But its not a race between Khan or Bhansali. if you wanna compare then do it with sanjay with farah. It's a very good movie. OSO isn't bad either. but there are movies of two different genre. OSO no brainer, full of fun. saawariya on the other hand emotional and touchy. ranbir hands down best debutent after Hritik. ONE REQUEST TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHRITING REVIEWS. JUST TO MAKE OSO BETTER DON'T JUST WRITE BAD REVIEWS TO SAAWARIYA. OSO IS A GOOD FUN MOVIE WITHOUT PUTTING DOWN SAAWARIYA. And about Mr Taran Adarsh...i don't wanna make any comment on ur review, u know a lot more about films than i will ever know. but on ur review u put down some questions and one of the is why did rani shuts the door on ranbit when he comes to talk to her. Honestly sir did u really not understand it ?