5 Excellent


First of all I would like to say that Taran Adarsh should stop giving biased reviews..He should stop diverting people from watching good movies just to get into good books of the well established people of bollywood..I think you can describe "Sawaariya" as one of the best ever made "Fairy Tale" stories on the screen..It excels in all fields including acting, directing, story telling, songs and on top of all the sets..The set is like dreamland..Specially the scene where Sonam and Ranbir will meet for the first time on the bridge is so perfectly made that you start thinking "Damn man..I wish I was the guy!!" ..Its a story that picturizes true love..A true innocent love which is not about lust but about care and self sacrifice for the sake of the beloved..A movie that says love is just not about winning your beloved but about keeping her happy..It tells us that just a few handful moment of love with the beloved is more than enough to keep yourself happy amongst all the sorrows and something to cherish and be happy about all through your life..The music really goes very well with the climax especially the title song "Sawaariya" and "Jab Se tere naina"..They are simply awesome..Well I can just keep going on and on about the movie so I better finish up here..Last but not the least a very well made dream love story..A must watch for everyone!!