3 Good

Director and writer of this film , Sudha Kongara work is very good. Story is inspired by true incidents and is good. Screenplay takes it far ahead in sweet and creative way, which enhances grit and innocence of characters, like when all touch coach feet, lead girl shows attitude and eventually touches in an emotional note, light scene of religion change, holding a characterless head coach by his crotch. Even the Changez Khan example and its incorporation in climax is intelligent one. The way lead girl expresses her love for coach perfectly goes with her character and its sweet. Dialogues are real and interesting. Like Main 'Kachra Ki Peti Nahi, Kachra Ki Beti Hun', Daaru Peete Waqt Lever Fry Khane Se Apna lever Kharab Hone ki bajay Khaya jane Wala leaver Kharab Hota Hai'. These lines look normal but the place it come, make it more impactful. First half looks fresh and gives a real feel. Moves on good pace. Second half is a bit slow and somehow it looses its realistic value. Especially in climax fight, when they used cable for extra sensation but it goes a bit above because film was maintaining its real feel since start. Main highlight of this film is its performance. R. Madhavan is first rate. Ritika Singh as Madhi is just fantastic. Her energy and performance make two songs visual treat, one song is 'Jhalli Patakha' and second one 'Dil Me Hua Ghotala'. Mumtaz Sorcar as Laxmi is very good, especially in confrontation scene with coach in canteen. Naseer as Junior coach is very good. Zakir Hussain as head coach is too good.