3 Good


Roy is a film that will invoke various emotions. You will be jealous of the extravagant lavishness that some blessed people get to experience in their normal lives. Fast cars and yachts, beautiful locations, larger than life swimming pools and Jacuzzi s which are bigger than a small apartment; some people do know how to live. Apart from this extravagance, the film also has a very detailed and nuanced yet slightly confusing story line. Jacqueline plays a double role which she does justice to. Ranbir grabs eyeballs, although he had a short role. The main role was Arjun's, and he does not disappoint. He has perfectly played the character of the arrogant and confident director Kabir Grewal. And the songs, which have already become chart busters, are the icing on the cake.

Essentially, the film revolves around Arjun, who falls in love with another director (Played by Jacqueline), their brief but fiery romance, and the inevitable split and ultimately how he wins back her heart. Both of them shoot films in Malaysia. Arjun's film is a love story between the master thief Ranbir and a secluded billionaire, again played by Jacqueline; hence the double role. The finer mechanics of this complicated story line are a bit cloudy; at least I did not understand it completely. But apart from this minor hurdle, the film progresses at a brisk pace. It's captivating and the script packs a punch.

In conclusion, we know this is the week of love. If you are tired of the quintessential romantic Bollywood movies and if you want to watch a slightly nuanced film with your valentine, where ultimately love triumphs, look no further. Roy will meet all your expectations. Enjoy!