4.5 Excellent


Clad in a suit and hat, a male entices a footpath dweller (Chandramohan) to impersonate Sheth Laxmidas, the only child of a wealthy woman, to which he agrees. After earning the trust of the woman, he is then introduced to her friend, Tarachand, and his daughter, Darling (Akhtaribai Fayzabadi), and the family decide to get them married. Before that could happen Laxmidas' mother passes away, and Tarachand, too, dies, under mysterious circumstances, and gold bars in a vault go missing. Darling is not only uninterested in Laxmidas but suspects him of killing her father. She, however, accompanies him to a remote region to acquire more gold. Enroute there by plane, they crash and land amongst tribals, led by Balam (Sheikh Mukhtar) and Kinari (Sitara), and are treated royally, and Laxmidas' injuries are attended to. Enraged that Darling is showing an interest in Balam, Laxmidas decides to leave and takes two bullocks, Changu and Mangu, to return home. When the bullocks are not returned, Balam and Kinari travel to the city, meet with Laxmidas and Darling, are treated with hostility, and told that the bullocks have been sold, and they must work in the mill, live in a shanty room, save enough money, and buy off the bullocks. With only meagre compensation being paid as a wage, will the duo, who may not even be able to survive on it, be able to save enough money?
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)