3.5 Very Good

Rock On!!

Rock On Shines !!! (Contains spoilers)
Just came back from the premier of "Rock On" , and i'm not going to be biased as i attended the 'Premier', but even though if i would have been to the movie like after a week of its release the "Review" would have been the same,

First thing first, The movie is a must watch for "EVERY BAND" (hardly matters even they r papu-shyam and party, doing dandiya music and all) the good thing about the movie is. it shows simple things and their is nothing "Larger than Life" in it (except for the last concert, which was sorta hard for me to digest, but eventually it goes well with the movie) the movie is not only about a "BAND" name "MAGIK" but also about the other characters who r related to band members (while they were disbanded) ofcourse the story is like "EVERY BAND STORY" when they disband and to be honest..working with a "BAND" is a tough job you have to put aside your "EGO", and that exactly wat it is all about the Ego Clash between the lead guitarist (Arjun Rampal, as "Joesph Mascharanues" ) and the lead vocalist (Farhan Akthar, as "Adiya Shroff")

Purab Kohli (as "KD" the drummer) will remind u of "Saif ali khan" from Dil Chahta hain but please don't expect "Rock On!!" to be another repeat of that cult movie "NO IT's NOT", The other guy Luke Kenny (as "Rob", Keyboardist) got a very strong character as well. and he sorta did justice with it..(But unfortunately dies cause of 'Brain Tumor', darn Why they have to kill someone to disband a band 'AGAIN' ????? How utterly bollywood)

now about the 'Ladies', Prachi Deasai is looking awesomly beautiful (err.. through my eyes) and she too did wonderful

Movie oscillates well between the present and past life of the band, Songs r great (except for Zehrelaay, and thank god it wasn't "MAGIK" who performed it in the movie)

I don't want to comment more as probably i'll spoil the whole mood of urs

it's a nice movie friends, i'll call it a "Dark Comedy"

my Ratings for the movie :- ***1/2 outta 5