3.5 Very Good

Rock On!!

It you have a dream, it is nice to follow it. The feel is so great! It is also nice to see people following their dreams. It fills
our heart. Because it is life!

When you chase a dream you will feel it is far away. You start believing that you cannot reach it. But the moment you run away from it, it will start following you like your shadow. Can years kill that dream? Like a grass seed which suffer all the heat and hide itself in the soil for a right opportunity. When the rain arrives the seed knows it is time to come out of the shell. It is time to grow, to live!

A very good feel! That is how I can summarise the movie. The body of the movie is made of dreams and music give life to it. The story was only a skeleton otherwise the film moved much on dreams, relations and music. The story could have been better. A kind of hurriedness can be observed in story telling, especially on the turning points. There is slowness in the story as well in the middle. However the brilliant start and excellent ending makes the movie quite different and entertaining. The director was good in the selection of cast and he extracted the best from them. The music was used brilliantly and the climax was superb. Overall, the director Abhishek Kapoor impresses where as a writer he has to improve a lot.

The performance in general is rocking. Farhan Aktar leads the gang with splendid performance. 10/10. Arjun Rampal however could not match to the energy of the youngsters and has to settle with a 7/10. Purab Kohli is simply brilliant. 10/10. Luke Kenny’s character didn’t have much to play except in the climax and Luke did that well. 7/10. Prachi Desai looks good and did her role well, however the character as such was a let down so she has to content with an ordinary performance. 7/10. Shabana Goswami got a good role and she handled it quite convincingly. 9/10. The other two girls who played the love interests were wasted with lack of a role which has any affect on the movie. Both of them deserve a 5/10.

Rocking – is the one word I have for the music of the film. It is the blood and soul of the movie. Very good! The Climax song breaks all the boundaries and brings a feel to fill the hall with music and life. Superb!!

Cinematography is excellent. Quite different, creative and brilliant.

Choreography I will say is mixed with the story telling so I wish not to separate, but the feel was simply superb throughout the song sequence, so the Choreographer worth all the applauds

Editing could have been better. At least in two scenes it broke the flow of storytelling.