0.5 Poor


after watching Rascals the first thing that came to my mind was it's high time now David Dhawan should retire.i think this my biggest mistake of my life that i watched a film like Rascals.the film has nothing to offer.it was expected to be a comedy but hardly people will laugh at such jokes in the whole movie there will be one good one-liner one goof joke that manages to bring a small smile on your face one good song that plays during opening credits.worst performances of all the actors it was worst then overacting.music was pathetic.they had selected a good location to shoot but could not capture it properly.the movie is not made for masses.neither its a timepass movie.nor its a one time watch.its has no storyline no proper direction.it feels as if David Dhawan was forced to make a movie and he made this disaster.as it is there were hardly any expectations from this one so there is no question of being disappointed its a poor show.recommended to miss this one.