4.5 Excellent

Rakht Charitra – I

Amazingly directed movie is the correct description for Rakht Charitra-I.
Really RGV is in top form this time and its so nice to see that.RGV definitely has the touch to keep the Audiences on the edge of their seat but off late he has been a quite disappoiting.
However with RC-I he has redeemed himself and has came back with a Banggg.
RC-1 is perfect in all respects like story,screenplay,direction and editing.
Really the Camerawork is just fantastic and no one in Bolywood has such a supreme knowledge of Camerawork.
All the characters are chosen perfectly and they play their parts with a lot of assurance.
Vivek as Pratap and Abhimanyu Singh as Bukka stand out.
Overall We can not wait for the second episode of RC.
Yaa the movie is full of violence and bloodshed but that has been clearly told well in the Promos.
RC is a film that has to be seen without fail.
Overall a big Thumbs Upppp!!!