4 Very Good


In one phrase, a 'total entertainer'!
It was a sitting at the edge sort of a movie! With more twists and turns than any other bollywood movie! Definitely Saif and Akshey stood out in the movie! Both did brilliant acting and Saif had an amazing body. It worked of his fitness a lot, it surly shows! However, on the other hand the same can not be said for Akshey. He definitely needs to tone up!
The main asset or the high point as I should say was its story and suspenseful and racy screenplay. There were no dull moments in the movie. Even the actresses did a good job. However I felt that the female roles were mis-casted. Bipasha should have played Katrina's role and vise versa. Katrina is not convincing enough in a negative character. Apart from one song 'hulla', all the other songs did not really fit and were just put there for the heck of it. They seemed forced. Plus the songs were just about average, nothing outstanding. Which one expects from an Abbas-Mustan film. The high point of the film was definitely its climax, which was superbly shot! The cinematography was amazing. South Africa is absolutely beautiful, and a great back drop for a film like race.