4.5 Excellent


race,the biggest seasoner of the year.a lot of
expectations from this 45 crore budget movie.
race is basically a story about cheats,frauds
& double-crossers.this concept has been very
well handled by the directors & story writers.the
concept is interesting & playful.the story is
very powerful & outline is excellent.the screenplay is on the theme of the movie.though
it looses grip in the second hour.the direction
by the duo is simply fantastic.race belongs to
three performances saif,bipasha & akshaye.saif
has again & again proved he is an versatile actor
bipasha is in form,she is just excellent and
sizzling too.akshaye is always good in abbas-mustan movies,but he is extraordinary here.he is
excellent.katrina displays a lot through her
acting,well executed performance.anil is another
surprise,the actor is very lively in the movie.
sameera is okay.the supporting cast is excellent.
overall race is an powerful story told in a
stylish way.must see