1.5 Average


I dont agree with the review of mr taran adarsh 1st half is well directed but direction in second half is below ordinary,if u remember when prithvi(arjun) was plotted in rape case virendra(manoj) says to media that charges against prithvi are all fake and behind him he is having the girl imposing the charges in the same scene in front of whole media.
Secondly politicians are shown like they are gangsters killing each other like some gangwar is going on,i agree politicians have relations with bad elements of society,they might ask them to kill some one but they wont do the killing by their own hand and that to in a way that most notorious criminals might not do.
Thirdly after every 10 minutes a party loses one of its most reputed leader and no enquiry no allegations no legal interference no media intervention,and most of all in the end the nominee for the chief ministers post in the opposition is killed brutally and character played by katrina becomes chief minister nobody sensing any thing foul.