3.5 Very Good


Vivek Oberoi's comeback film!!full of masala,tp and thriller...excellent acting by VO and others!!good songs and very good twists in the movie... I know many feel that VO is a flop star....and laugh at his endevors..think that if hrithik or some other superstar had dn this movie it wd be a success...but you are soooo wrng! the movie works because it is VO..and not anyone else!! Aruna( maya) looks grt!!international bond girl looks!! The only fault with the movie ,(which VO cud nt do mch about) is the script!! it has major flaws...like right fom the first diamond stealing scene...wr prince simply gs into the air chute of a high security building,and thn just makes a hole into the 'bullet proof ' glass and literally vacuums all the diamonds out! and then when his assistant asks him if they shud abort the plan...prince simply smirks and says NO Way and its show time for PLAN B..and plan B turns ot to be run for ur life!! and how come everybody seems to be bullet proof...ppl kp shooting,but not a single person ever seems to get hurt!even later , some of the stunts are downright absurd and comic compared to hollywood! But all in all...one shud watch this movie...its a feel good, thriller masala movie...and VO is just too cute...i like his fighter never give up spirit...so if not for anything else...watch it fr VO!!! u rock man.....kp up the brilliant work :-)