4.5 Excellent


Giggles, smiles and laughter were the audience response in cinema hall while watching Aamir Khan’s new movie “PK”. Over a period of time Aamir Khan has developed a habit of ending every year with either mindless blockbuster embedded with over-acting or magnificent performance with intelligent storyline. New Rajkumar Hirani’s directed PK is all about later part of aforementioned statement. Last year I criticized Aamir’s over-stretched acting in brainless Dhoom3 but with PK he has changed my mind which can last till his next release. There is no doubt about it that PK is going to be a BIG blockbuster but the same time it is a fantastic presentation by troika of Vidhu Vinod Chopra the producer, Rajkumar Hirani the director and Aamir Khan the actor. This deadly combination has done it again after 3 Idiots.
To some extent PK gives a feeling of a movie which is inspired by Jeff Bridges’ “Starman” and Tom Hanks’ “Forest Gump” but due to smart writing by Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijit Joshi “PK” is novel product in itself. Since Rajkumar Hirani has appeared as director he has amazed us with phenomenal stories. PK is another feather in his cap. His technique, screenplay with deep message and performance oriented approach make him one of the most notable directors of today. PK is no different. It has a unique storyline, hilarious comic moments and deep rooted message which carries politically correct stair on today’s Indian society without hurting anyone’s emotions. No doubt Rajkumar Hirani has done another wonder on silver screen. His direction and story seem immaculate but there is slight glitch in the penultimate scenes of the movie in which a bomb explodes on railway station and one of supporting actors Sanjay Dutt dies. It seems this scene has been thrust without any logical reason but as director/writer Rajkumar Hirani has done magnificent job.