1.5 Average


PHoonki is the maha bakwas, 2hr bheja fried, and not even scary at all.it's all about a businessmen who is atheist and has a very successful business...but sumwat he gets in argument with his partners...and get in fight..kicks them out of his business.. so the partrners take revenge in the form of black magic on the businessmen's daughter , raksha... very cute girl..did a gr8 job as a bhootni..and all that dialogues..gr8 work...but but... again rgv ... missed it...his direction agin went in wrong direction...all those background music and all didn't work at all according to the scenes ..it's all about supernatural beliefs vs medical science... and at the end ..doctors failed ..and sum tantrik helped them out... that's it...
i'm done with my pakaoo movie review..so i suggest ..not to watch that movie..plz ..plz..i had enough.. i didn't have goosebums during the movie..so dont' watch it