4.5 Excellent

Parbat Pe Apna Dera

Unable to find a cure for his blind daughter, Neena (Vanmala), her wealthy father (P. L.Samant) regularly visits Bhagwan Shivji's Mandir along with his other daughter, Naini, and her boyfriend/chowkidar, Mangal. He comes to know of a sage, Ramdas (Ulhas), who resides in a nearby cave, visits and implores him to cure his daughter. Ramdas is enraged that his privacy has been violated, but subsequently relents, starts to treat Neena, and cures her after 4 days. The grateful family give him gifts but he angrily not only refuses them but tosses them away. Neena decides to dedicate her life looking after his lodgings, much to his initial chagrin, but he subsequently relents, lets her re-arrange his belongings, and moves out to live with them in their mansion. He then not only accepts his new and luxurious surroundings, but also shaves off his beard and long hair, and eventually gets married to Neena. Both live a fairly harmonious lifestyle - which will soon be shattered after Mangal and Naini notice that Ramdas has not only taken to alcohol but is also seeing a courtesan by the name of Gulshan.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)