5 Excellent

Every indian should watch this movie and there is nothing to be ashamed of...I watched the movie with my mom and not a single scene made her or me embarrassed...i am a frequent movie watcher but I must say that this is movie which I had never seen before...thanks to R Balki to give us this movie...really great movie I just loved it...no one rather than Akshay could have done this role so fine...I request everyone to watch this movie as it contains everything a movie should have like it gives us the meaning of life..It motivates us ..it makes us laugh as well as cry... fantastic acting by Radhika and Sonam...both of them have given us a awesome stuff...but AKSHAY is just best...pls..pls..pls..watch this movie as everyone has mom and sister who suffers with the problem mentioned...so go and watch the movie...THE BEST MOVIE EVER SEEN