3.5 Very Good

Omkara is not for the multiplex crowd, it is for people who appreciate true cinema. The handling of the film is award worthy, from the names of the characters to modernising the story to fit india, Vishal Bharadwaj deserves applause.

The music is fitting to the movie, Beedi Jalayle has already become a rage, and Naina and O Saathi Re have been accepted by conisieurrs of exuberant music.

The performances are brilliant from all the characters:

Ajay Devgan gives the best male performance of 2006 so far. His accent to his new makeover digest in with the surroungings

Kareena Kapoor looks so much better in natural outfits, she shows her natural beauty and not her bimbette looks in K3G. She gives Omkara its sheen with an award worthy role as the innocent, submissive Dolly.

Konkona Sen Sharma is wonderful yet again, she brings a smile too your face. She lights up every scene she is in.

Vivek Oberoi is proficient as Kesu.

Naseerudin Shah is competent yet again.

Finally, Saif Ali Khan is what makes Omkara a cinematic experience, his performance has to be seen to be believed, I have never seen how negative a person can be, he will get the highest honour for this.