2 Average

Om Shanti Om

Lets start straight I met shahrukh khan at the premiere in Leicester Square and was very excited to see the preview in the cinema in my area, I was too excited to watch the movie especially after shaking hands with the man Himself, as the film starts one gets rolled into the interesting start, shahrukh's madness of popularity and deepika, his speech with the bottle IS FANTASTIC u get hooked in the movie, as the film moves where he gets to know deepika's secret the movie goes into another direction another nice move, and then the post interval portion wonderful scene till shahrukh khan dies the movie is goin on the track in the nice direction,
Now as soon as the second half starts n u see shahrukh over-acting in the scenes tryin to act like a kool dude where he does'nt look like one as he old enough to do such acts, as he starts to move on to remembering his old janam, mohabbat man scene wus shyt was not needed. Then when shahrukh receives the award and his speech again gets u back to the movie, but the deewangi song uhhhhh i should say it looks extended by playing a monotonous music for all the stars and background cheering of the crowd looks unreal. u see arjun coming back and u feel yeaaah!! wus gonna happen now. now shahrukh wants to start this film with Arjun, how is Arjun so stupid to believe in everything shahrukh says and follows him blindly, deepika coming back and WEARIN SEXAAYYY HOT clothes to show her beautiful body again is she doing it bcuz its her first film wearin such clothes, shahrukh in the second part could have acted more seriously the ending i should say was good unexpected, but the hasina thi song was crap !! not good MUSIC mr. vishal shehkar could have tried something more melodious in such an important scene, how does the crowd simply dissappear and everything back to normal as Arjun gets hit by the Fanous,
Well it wus just an Okay Movie to watch not something very special to have been waiting for.