5 Excellent

No Smoking

I get 500 as my weekly pocket money and ive just seen this movie for the 3rd time in 3 days ..for all those who have reviewed this movie this badly ,ive an advice for you (Including the critics)-plz dont see or dont comment if you dont understand the movie.This was a complete MASTERPIECE by Mr. anurag kashyap which only a few can understand .i was not satisfied by Black Friday and i thought that this guy could have made it much better. No Smoking is better than black friday any day i appreciate his hard work for this movie..movies like this will be appreciated later (atleast 10-20 yrs later) .its still a long way to go in bollywood when ppl will start admiring such a kind of movie.If Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber's "The butterfly effect " would have been released in India (just an example),probably our audience and critics would have criticized it badly..and the way its been reviewed specially by khalid (HT) ,its horrifying .he himself made a movie like "tehzeeb" and who is he to review. I guess he was thrown out of the times of india because of writing such a movie..
POSITIVES :=BEST work of john ,cinematograhy is just too good,scintillating camera work and a perfect direction ,music also works well with a proper timing of background music..
NEGATIVES := Seen this 3 times ,but coudnt find one,phoonk de could have replaced the other song in bar

grat work sir ,keek it going and i hope to see such movies in future (but the way it has crashed at the box-office ,i think you have to tie up with foreign production ,might do well outside)