4 Very Good

No Smoking

Wow, finally there is someone out there who tests the audience and at the same time explores the subconscious mind so beautifully that I felt I was dreaming, because that’s how dreams are and that’s what No Smoking is, the nightmare of a chain smoker.

Well, all the people who said it was absurd and hopeless have you ever got a dream in which you thought you were dreaming?

Let’s start with the beginning. Plato, Socrates and Sinatra (Do be do be do)…love this when I think about the movie.
I shall not much talk about what happens on screen but you might have wondered if you have seen it already or if you haven’t, watch out for these things (My friend was thinking more about the movie after my hint. It’s his list.):
1. No door opens for a way out when K wants to runaway from Baba Bengali. Why?
2. And why is the same guy shown in different characters. Ever happened to you in
dreams? Remember something?
3. The girl in the car is shown on the hospital bed. Well, subconscious mind can’t
think of many different people.
Ok, giving more of these things would spoil it for the people who haven’t watched.

I can’t stop appreciating the guy who made it; for that matter any one can’t stop doing that once they get the point. Because it’s his proper understanding of the subconscious mind and applying that on an impulsive smoker combining this with a cool, slick look and a terrific sound track he delivers No Smoking. Kudos to you Anurag Kashyap.After listening to my fellow audience’s frustrated comments during some parts of the movie I thought of that musician’s character in Atlas Shrugged. What was his name?

And yes this aint an only bouquets to you thing hold this brick too Anurag. Why was the Natural Born Killer’s sitcom parody brought in? That seemed a little out of place.
But the Schindler’s List’s gas chamber scene and the mass bathing scene was subtle.
Especially the frame when K looks up.

I don’t know what reviewers see in a film when they write a review. Seems like there is a greater urgency in delivering their product. Unfortunately these kinds of things give the audience a wrong idea.

In one line No Smoking is David Fincher and David Lynch having a hell of a party with Anurag Kashyap in desi style.