0.5 Poor

No Smoking

ok come to the ponit direct,i tried too hard to understand and tell my mind that it's brilliant movie and till end i will surely understand the movie..and let me tell u i am not any "sadakchap"
,u might be thinking i am not supporter of different cinema.then let me tell u i am not like that.
but despite of my whole attempt i couldn't understand what is going on,and befor i understand end credit were rolling.
so may be i am not brilliant enough to understand "real different cinema" but i bet 99% of public will not....so why not make a movie of same subject in a manner which we "poor nasamjh janta"
can understand. aakhir humne aapka kya bigada hai
?hum apne paise waste kar aisi film kyon dekhe jo samajh main hi naa aaye?
sorry anurag i dont wanna hurt u,i have lot of respect you as a film maker.i liked black friday a lot.but i just couldn't digest it.
next time please make such movie which we "less brain mortal"can understand..best wishes to you.