1.5 Average

No Problem

A few days ago, while walking in the lobby of a building, I saw a sign “No Smoking” and exactly below the sign, there were three guys smoking cigarettes. Not an unusual sight; we normally see smoke around “No Smoking” signs. Similarly, and sadly, I have just returned home after experiencing a huge bunch of problems under the title “No Problem”.

I am a huge fan of comedies and in the past few years, Anees Bazmi has given me immense reasons to laugh my guts out. I had my eyes set on his new offering “No Problem”. There were more reasons, other than Anees Bazmi, for this anticipation for the movie. The star cast was highly promising; people like Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Paresh Rawal, Akshey Khanna and Sushmeta Sen have given us so many brilliantly enacted comedies that when all of them get together for one film, nothing short of a rollercoaster of fun and laughter was expected.

But unfortunately I have to confess that apart from 2 or 3 scenes, I couldn’t even force myself to laugh. I kept on waiting for that one magical scene which could compensate the time spent without a laugh. After every 20 to 25 minutes, there was a scene which almost restored my belief in this film, but every such scene was followed by another long wait for the next funny scene.

After recalling the whole experience, I can only find a few points to cherish…

* A few scenes try to become the saving grace. For example, the scene when they take Akhsey’s proposal for Kangana; the arrival scene of Sanjay and Akshey at Paresh’s home; the attempt of robbery at the minister’s house etc.
* The issue of split personality with Sushmita’s character starts of very well. The initial couple of scenes with her attempts to kill Anil are really funny. But sadly enough, this becomes boringly repetitive after a while.
* The star value can be a crowd puller.

There are more than a few problems with this film…

* It is an understatement to say that the screenplay is bad; there is virtually no screenplay at all. It’s just like an un-directed stage play where characters seem to do their own antics to make the audience laugh.
* Apart from a few scenes, the direction is way below the standards set by Anees in some of his previous films.
* There are innumerable characters who were supposed to be funny. But in the end all they could do was an increment of annoyance. The character of Ranjeet; the character which had electric current continuously running through him; that of Shakti Kapoor; and so much so that the character of the main villain (Suneil Sethi) is also highly irritating. Even the main characters are half baked and none is funny enough to become the USP of the film.
* The music is as bad as it can be. “Must Punjabi” is better to some extent but that too is below par. Choreography is extremely tacky in all the songs.
* The continuous back ground chorus of “No Problem” starts testing your nerves after some time. Similar back ground chorus worked in “No Entry” and “Welcome” but over here it falls flat as it is not supported by the funny situations like the earlier two films.
* There are huge holes in the narrative, the biggest being the scenes around the song “We are innocent”. I mean I agree that a “No Brainer” has to be a “No Brainer” … but come on, there has to be a limit to everything.
* Although I kept on waiting for the movie to end, yet when it did actually end, I was like…”WHAT”??? WAS THAT IT??? Very very poor climax.

The film is full of actors who don’t need any advocacy for their talent and ability in making people roll over with laughter; yet the shoddy screenplay, half intended dialogues and uninspiring situations make their earnest efforts go wasted. Lets take a look though…

* Anil Kapoor’s expressions are mostly up to the mark, but he is miles behind from where he was in “No Entry” and “Welcome”.
* Sanjay Dutt is effective in parts and Akshey Khanna is impressive (in fact Akshey is pick of the actors over here for me at least).
* Paresh Rawal tries to repeat what he has done so effectively in so many films, the attempt is similar, yet the result leaves much to be desired.
* Sushmita Sen is effective in the split personality situations as long as she does it in her own voice. Only the director can answer the reason why he chose to dub different voices on her later on. It sounded seriously absurd.
* The worst out of the main cast is Kangana Ranawat. I always wished that she must to different roles, but after watching her act, rather OVER-ACT in this film, I would prefer to see her as a psychopath. And can anyone explain who in the world chose that hair cut for her character? My Goodness it appeared as if it was done with a knife rather than a scissor.
* Sunil Sethi tries too hard to be impressive, and in fact is not impressive at all. Ranjeet should simply stop acting. The remaining supporting case was not any more impressive.

All said and done, I went to watch this movie with many problems of my own and I was hoping for the film to help shrugging them off. Instead, I left the theatre with a whole new bunch of problems. I was counting on this film, and I am highly disappointed.