5 Excellent

Simply Awesome!!! What a start of 2011!!! Rani & Vidya rocked!!! Please 'dekho' it and don't miss it!!! I wouldn't say that this film will win lot of awards next year as awards are all about politics these days and anybody can win (Look what the 'F' happened in Screen Awards this year wherein classics like Guzaarish and Peepli LIVE were completely ignored)but certainly NOKJ will just not win lots n lots of accolades from viewers and critics but would also be a box office success!! GOD BLESS JESSICA'S FAMILY AND TO ALL THOSE FAMILIES WHO HAVE LOST THEIR LOVED ONES AND COZ OF BLOODY POWER N DIRTY POLITICS, MANY SUCH CASES DID NOT EVEN COME IN LIGHT AND JUSTICE HAS BEEN DENIED!!!! GOD BLESS THE WORLD!!!!