3.5 Very Good


Hello Readers Mostly Film Buffs this is my first ever review about a movie at India FM site I am compelled to write it down just to praise first of all the director Mr. Ram Gopal Verma for showing the courage not only in his subject matter but casting such wonderful and appropriate people in his film then above that handling the subject matter in its utmost sensibility.I mean Jiah Khan out of the blue has done a wonderful performance in her debut film.For a new comer doing first ever film with RGV style of director and then opposite Mr. Amitabh Bachhan with the kinna attitude that she shows in the movie was absolutely flatering hats off to Jiah Khan there is nothing much to say about Mr. Bachhan than "Superb".
I won't say a must watch but for the people who like to watch thought provoking movies this one is for those.