3.5 Very Good

To begin with I wanna say some good things associated with this movie. A trend is coming to India… a trend of sensible movies... where audience no longer appreciates bakwaaas very much. Neerja is even a step ahead as it presents us with a 'biography' of an extraordinary girl.

The movie is about how Neerja acts bravely in a tight situation of a plane hijack and helps rescue about 360 people out of audience of 380. Her bravery acts include hiding passports of American passengers, not panicking in a hijack situation, offering her duty and thus shedding passengers of their burden, opening the exit emergency door at the peak moment and most important not leaving till last passenger has been secured in her senses. At last she is killed but this martyr has secured a place that is not parallel to anything else.

I just wanted to convey a message to all biography makers. Do include credits or original people in your movies... example the award receiving part could have been shown with original mother, end credits of her new found love along with family members could also have been great.