1 Poor

This movie is seriously one of the worst movies ive seen all year and there are some bad ones out there, the acting is absolutley rubbish except that of akshay khanna, and taken into account that the female lead is new, her acting is average although there are some scenes where fake acting is blatently visible bobby deol has taken the back seat throughout the whole movie even though some say he is good in the second half, but he isnt, the most annoying thing about this movie are the errors, the use of camera angles are wrong all the time and also the mysterious person holding the camera pisses you off through most of the movie, the two supposrting roles are a complete wast of acting, at times i was thinking this is brokeback mountain. I plot is ridiculous it, its just not viable in this day and age, also the motive of the plot isnt really there, u hear it once in the penultimate scene. Maybe the directors should have revised the script a bit more, i would seriously give this movie a miss, its just not worth the time or money