4 Very Good

My Name Is Khan

The superhit onscreen couple of bollywood - Shahrukh khan & Kajol is back to create a sensation once again with their new movie My name is khan.And with Karan johar taking director's seat, the whole anticipation about the movie has skyrocketed.
It is a story about Rizvan khan(SRK) who seems a little different than the rest becoz he hasa Aspergers syndrome. A muslim from india, Rizvan moves to San francisco with his brother and sister-in-law. It so happens that Rizvan falls in love with Mandira(Kajol). Despite protests from his family, Rizvan & Mandira get married and start a small business together. All is well in their life until the tragic day of Sept. 11, 2001 when the atack on World trade centre seals the fate of most of the muslims. The attitude towards them changes totally. Amidst this when tragedy strikes Mandira, she totally devastated and this leads to their split. Confused and upset Rizvan embarks on a touching and inspiring journey across America to win back the love of his life - his wife Mandira.