3.5 Very Good

Murder 2

Why do you have to care about how the song is going to fit into the story. Personally i find "Aye Khuda" to be one of the best sufi songs of late. Still my personal best from this album is "Phir Mohabbat", a classic number, beautifully rendered. I am not a huge fan of "Hale Khuda". I found it to be very cliched. nothing new there. Also the lyrics for that particular song is ordinary, filled with tame repetitions and alliterations. Aa Zaraa is above average, it sing beautiful but agian lacks in the lyrics department. Tujhko Bhulnaa is a misfit in the album. Extremely ordinary track.
On the the album was nice but not extremely brilliant. Certainly didn't reach the expectations, but cant complain about what has dished out either.