5 Excellent

MP3. The first word which comes in mind is NOSTALGIC.

From the very beginning of the movie the audience feels that its something which is very similar but as the reel starts unrolling we feel that its actually a story which has happened in our life in the past when we were in school or college.

Ruslaan and Hazel have done an amazing job. They are the most cute looking couple of recent times. They have reminded me of my first love OOPS i mean my MP3(Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar). They look very cute when at the Eiffel tower in the climax scene.

Even the Hero's friends have done a commendable job especially the guys who have played Sheikh & Vasu. The friends scenes were so natural that it doesnt feel like we are watching a movie. The Dosti song is a true to life song as well.

The songs picturization are also amazing and the timing when they are played couldn't have been better.

The plus point of the movie is the way the story moves ahead.