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Music: Hanif Shaikh, Faizan Hussain & Agnel Roman
Lyrics: Hanif Shaikh, Manoj Yadav & Arun Kumar
Music Label: T-Series


There are no expectations from the score of this small-budget comedy starring Manish Kaul, best known as the funnyman from television.


And the album begins with a fun track, 'Pyar China Ka Maal Hai' in which Manish Kaul takes to the microphone himself with a clear lampoon of Himesh Reshammiya, in both his vocal timbre and the continuous repetition of the above line in best Reshammiya tradition! The brief song has amusing words (lyrics and music by Hanif Shaikh) in which love is said to come without a guarantee, warranty or even a kuccha bill!) and ends with an irreverent and meaningless phrase 'What a deadly!' But it is fun while it lasts - and quite catchy because of its hook!

However, the album gets into serious mode from the second track and it must be said that it sticks to melody throughout. Arijit Singh's 'Tose Naina' finds this Aashiqui 2-Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani singer in great fettle in a Sufi-ana romantic number. The guitar makes a small impact within the music and so do the lyrics ('Khud ko khokar tujhko paaya / Iss tarah se mujhko jeena aaya'). Once again, Shaikh is the lyricist and composer. However, the composition sounds extremely wholesome while we listen to it but strangely does not linger in mind later. This may be because the composition and sentiments are over-familiar by now in the Sufi overdrive rampant over the last decade in cinema.

The same is the case with 'Sajna Ve Sajna Ve' (Altamash Faridi, Shadaab Faridi) which mixes Punjabi folk, fusion, Sufi, rock and a pop styles into a hybrid, heavy, techno sound and rhythm. The singers seem to be blasting out the song at a live rock concert rather than going in for soulful melody. Manoj Yadav writes the familiar lyrics and the music is by Shaikh again.

However, the real winner in the track is the two-version 'Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein' (Mohit Chauhan-Palak Muchhal / Palak Muchhal solo), a melodious composition that has elements of similarity to 'Khaali Salaam Dua' (Himesh's song for Mohit in Shortkut Romeo) in lyrics, musical approach as well as vocals. Mohit's voice is allowed to soar over the gentle orchestration, and joining him is the highly promising and fast-rising Palak Muchhal.

We liked this simple and soulful love duet with a nice, heartfelt concept (lyrics and music again by Shaikh). Right from the introductory electric guitar riffs, this is the best track on the soundtrack and Palak's solo version matches up. Her gentle singing paradoxically packs a punch, and she adds minor nuances to distinguish her solo rendition from the duet. The antaras end up a bit more melodic in this version because of her singing prowess. The song culminates with the 'Tose Naina' riff, which is ingeniously done.

Finally, 'Mickey Virus' (Nikhil Paul George, Siddhant Sharma, Agnel Roman) is a retro composition (music by Faizan Hussain and Agnel Roman) with smart verse (Arun Kumar), but it is too gimmicky to make a mark. The singers seem more comfortable in the English words than the Hindi ones and the cluttered orchestration does not help.


A pleasant album that goes beyond our expectations at points, thanks to some unexpected melody.

Our Pick:

'Mickey Virus', 'Tose Naina', 'Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein'