3.5 Very Good


Discharged from prison, Mohan (Dilip Kumar) reflects on his life in a small town where he (Maqbul Jr.) lived with his widower father, went to school with his sweetheart, Manju (Baby Zubeida), who lived with her father and step-mother (Nurjehan). Even then their friendship is tested by a fellow student, Mehku (Gulam Mohmed Jr) and continues on after all three have grown up. Mohan leaves the town to work in the city, Manju (Nargis) continues to live with her parents, while Mehku has returned home after serving with the army. Hoping that Mohan will come and wed her, instead the town Panchayat is informed by Mehku that he has met a woman in the city and will not be returning. Her step-mother gets her married to a male from another town, and a distraught Manju re-locates to live with her husband and his sister (Chandabai) - but nothing will prepare her for the shock when she sees her husband for the first time, and finds out why he had married her.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)