1 Poor

Direction is obsolete with fix block taking and fast cut without any camera movement or actors moments. Most of the time actors enter in fix frame or leave the frame. Story is null. Screenplay is dull. Nothing is in the name of dialogues. First half is directly lift up from 'Hangover' in childish way. Makers find sneaking in a would be groom and then bride room and staying overnight in the room even in over drunk condition, creative and interesting but it was so idiotic and irritating in the way this sequence got executed. Showing sad and happy faces for a moment of a person can reflect the life journey of that person!? This is used as metaphor. Sorry to say but makers have some alienating type of sensitivity. First half takes most of the time of drunk state of both lead pair and both are too bad in drunk scenes especially and flat in rest scenes. Whatever happens in first half with male lead, almost same thing happens with the girl in second half. First half was itself unbearable, second half is torturous. Background score in irritating too. I took risk to watch this film for the sake of title and trailer and got punished.