4.5 Excellent


Kshatriya is a masterpiece of an Indian film with a heavyweight star cast. Sunny Deol is a actor i wasn't too fond of, but he was good in this film. Sanjay Dutt was superb in this film, he should of been in it for longer. Raveena Tandon looked quite pretty in this film and does a decent job. Divya Bharti looks wasted, but she was nice in this film, rest in piece. Dharmendra is a classic Bollywood actor and plays his role to standards. Vinod Khanna was quite good in this film and gave a good performance. Their are many other supporting actors in this film which include Sunil Dutt. Meenakshi is in this film as well as Kabir Bedi and Rakhee, I don't know if i left anyone out. Best thing about this film is Dharmendra is playing Father to real life son Sunny and Sunil plays father to real life son Sanjay. Its amazing, and is superb.