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Koi Aap Sa Movie Review

Koi Aap Sa Movie Rating

After having tasted success with KYAA KOOL HAI HUM, will Ekta Kapoor, the Czarina of small screen, have an encore with KOI AAP SA? There's no denying that KYAA KOOL HAI HUM and KOI AAP SA are as dissimilar as chalk and cheese. While KYAA KOOL HAI HUM followed the David Dhawan formulae of the 1980s [adult jokes], KOI AAP SA is an extension of what Ekta Kapoor has mastered so successfully on the tube: Tug your heartstrings with emotional fares.

KOI AAP SA, directed by debutante Partho Mitra [it's his first big-screen film after attempting a plethora of TV serials], takes its inspiration from Karan Johar's debut vehicle KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI. But minutes before the intermission, KOI AAP SA changes tracks and follows a route undertaken by KYA KEHNA first and SALAAM | NAMASTE more recently.

Unfortunately, KOI AAP SA lacks the zing of KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, nor does it make a strong, hard-hitting statement as KYA KEHNA. With a poor screenplay on hand, KOI AAP SA leaves you cold at the conclusion of the screening.

KOI AAP SA tells the story of two friends -- Rohan [Aftab Shivdasani] and Simran [Natassha]. They have as much fun fighting as they have making up. Rohan loves Priti [Dipannita Sharma] and it is Simran who gives him tips to woo the pretty lass. But Priti isn't too comfortable with Simran around, since she suspects Rohan and Simran to be an item.

Matters get sorted out once Simran's fianc� Vicky [Himanshu Malik] arrives from U.S.A. But one terrible night shatters Simran's life forever. She is raped. Soon, Simran gets pregnant and the doctor attending on her advises that aborting the unborn child could prove detrimental.

Right from Simran's father [Rajendra Gupta] to Priti to Vicky to her college friends, everyone is of the opinion that Rohan has fathered the child. Rohan decides to marry Simran so as to put an end to all wagging tongues, but Vicky re-emerges on the scene just when everything was going right. He has realized his folly and wants to re-unite with Simran.

KOI AAP SA boasts of a story [Ekta Kapoor] that the generation of today can identify with. But the culprit, without doubt, is the screenplay [Mahesh Pandey] that doesn't do justice to the story.

There's not much movement in the first 35 minutes of the film. Four songs flow one after the other and the content tilts towards the mandatory song-n-dance routine. But there's a twist in the tale 10 minutes before the intermission. The rape incident makes you sit up and you expect the post-interval portions to be far more involving, but there're problems as far as the writing is concerned.

15 minutes after the commencement of the second half, Aftab takes on the decision of marrying Natassha. She objects initially, but gives in when he spells out the reasons. Even her stern father agrees to the match. Ideally, the film should've ended at this juncture since all's well that ends well.

But it doesn't end there! The next 35 minutes are devoted to Himanshu having a change of heart and wanting to marry a seven-month pregnant Natassha. Why doesn't she slap him or throw the spineless creep out of her house? Why doesn't Natassha's father give Himanshu a piece of his mind for deserting his daughter when she needed him the most? And when Natassha walks away with Himanshu, without even giving Aftab a glance [someone who has supported her all through the ordeal], what does that make Aftab? A complete loser!

But, thankfully, the end is a consolation and though the outcome is predictable, the hospital sequence is well handled nevertheless.

Director Partho Mitra makes an ordinary debut. He had an interesting plot on hand and as the captain of the ship, he should've seen to it that the screenplay is innovative and motivating. KOI AAP SA boasts of a pleasant musical score [Himesh Reshammiya] and a few numbers can easily be singled out -- 'Seene Mein Dil', 'Aadat Ho Chuki Hain' and 'Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se'. Cinematography [Deepak Malvankar] is alright.

Aftab Shivdasani handles a difficult role with complete understanding and delivers a convincing performance. He is archetypal as a fun-loving collegian, but impresses in the latter part of the film when he decides to take on the responsibility.

After making an impact in SILSIILAY earlier this year, Natassha gets an author-backed role in KOI AAP SA and must say, the actor is only getting better, more dependable. A sincere performance, it stands out mainly because Natassha handles it most naturally.

Dipannita Sharma doesn't get much scope, she is wasted. Himanshu Malik fails to deliver. Gautam Kapoor also gets minimal scope. Rajendra Gupta and Shama Deshpande are effective. The Manoj Joshi-Sushmita Mukherjee comedy track fails to evoke mirth. Actually, it looks completely forced in the narrative!

On the whole, KOI AAP SA has an interesting story to tell, but the screenplay doesn't do justice to the plot. At the box-office, releasing the film in the Ramzan period will affect its business largely. Disappointing.

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