1 Poor


Overall I would give 1.0 star to this movie.

Good Parts: Only hrithik's acting.

Bad Parts:
1. Rajesh Roshan's music does not work in this generation's music composers like A.R. Rehman, Pritam, Salim-Suleman. Overall a average music in this movie.
2. Weak story writing. There's no exciting moments in this movie which makes you fasten your seat belts.
3. Spanish to hindi language translation thru texts makes movie boring after first 30 minutes.
4. Weak climax.
5. Not a good direction from Anurag Basu as compared to his previous blockbuster movies.
6. Barbara Mori can't act in Bollywood. She seems a very low average actor. She's not a next Katrina Kaif.

Overall I personally felt movie was overhyped and they did over publicity before the release.

Taran Adarsh gave 3 star to the movie, but it does not deserve more than 1 star and even 1 star goes to Hrithik's performance.