5 Excellent


I almost made up my mind that I wouldn't need to write anything about this moviebecause what I saw and understand about the movie is the movie was amazing. People have been criticizing about the story why the charaters are half baked (such as Kabir Bedi and Kangana), they are criticizing the story, they are criticizing almost about everything because people can't understand the concept of simple but complicated story. Love has no boudaries that have been tag line for tags since they come up with the ideaand it was justifilble. I do not think you can't justify love or love story. I don't know have you guys watch enough love stories yet, remember titanic. Ok, I agree with the part that it has very known story but a movie is always about prsentation. I think this movie excels when it comes to presentation, look at the acting, visuals, ending, starting, it's all perfect. Please if you have problem understanding the movie you have issues because if something like this presented so beautifully try to appreciate. I bet if WIll Smith does the same movie in english you will be like wow amazing. So stop being a hypocrite. i also see a pattern which is really funny. pople with sharuk khan fan name or name reviewed this movie really bad. Look I love SRK but it doesn't mean I have like only him. You gys really dumb who cricized the movie so bad. I personally would give this movie five star but if I am a serius critic I would still give it atleast a full four.