4.5 Excellent


beautiful soundtrack! the beat and rythm for the songs are just right and every song will engage you. the song fire will soon be heard in nearly every disco/pub etc.
hrithik has made an excellent debut as a singer in "kites in the sky". he used his voice levels and tones perfectly. comparing him to Elvis Prestley would be word enough to speak for him.
"zindagi do pal ki" has a classic, vintage touch to it. its a song that would be appeal to many audience. its a beautifully meaningful song that has rythm. its a song you need to here more then once before you become completely engaged, but once you are engaged, you wont get enough of it.
dil kyun yeh mera is a very catchy song while tum bhi ho wahi too has a good beat. its a good song to listen to in the car with a group or friends or such. it has a good touch of techno with it.