4 Very Good

Kismat Konnection

Kismat konnection review
This not basically a review, i mean, i’m not gonna get into details of the movie. .but just to summarize it, it’s a movie damn worth watching..(ahem,ahem, unlike TASHAN)... :-)
Vidya (one of my fave) and Shahid look great on screen. As a matter of fact, better than Kareena & Shahid-pair on screen(as per me)..
Shahid has improved tremendously over the years (though its a pity, we had to watch that transition on screen from Shah Rukh acting to Amitabh). Nevertheless, maybe breaking up with kareena was a good thing for him...karma, as they say...
But, on a lighter note, shahid has begged people to stop feeling sorry for him. According to him, people have been treating him like if .....HIS GIRLFRIEND DUMPED HIM AND SOON AFTER, STARTED DATING A MARRIED MAN. Nevertheless, he would not like people treating him the way they are ( Shahid, are you ok??:-()
Coming back to the review(do not how i got off topic), oh and that(break-up) does come to mind a lot as in some scenes, you will see Shahid looking sad (NOT A SAD SCENE) or rather not his usual self. That’s when you will think, “oh, maybe that was after the break up”.
shahid should date Vidya..she’s mature enough for him..
And for those who think Vidya is 30 years old (as written on Wikipedia), not true..she’s only 27. She was born in the year 1982.
Last note, go and watch the movie