1.5 Average

Khoya Khoya Chand

Viewers are acquainted with,acknowledged and appreciated several love stories, illegal affairs in the past.,when told sincerely and convincingly which includes sympathy , emotion, true bond, touching drama ,etc,in story telling.

Khoya Khoya Chand fulfills all the aspects in the first half with different characters with different emotions ,with superb photography , good music , locales and novel sets.

But every thing goes wrong in the second half. We can say the minds of the producer, who himself is a creator and director writer went wrong.

Why did they boast that this film is a tribute to 50s and 60s of film making , when there is nothing interesting mentioned about that eras film making? They only bring disgrace to the film fraternity.

If any maker is in the habit of showing what they believe will be considered successful and great if the viewer also accepts and appreciates the same.


If the starting and endings of the scenes abrupt , does it mean new wave cinema?

Does the projection of dog like love making bed scenes mean intellectual cinema?

The main characters relationship does not exhibit any sincerity,bond, care ,no build up of emotion,instead they are keen to jump on to the bed. In the beginning of the film the character Nikha says "kya mai kuttiya lagti hu?"(bitch) . But the sad part is, that character behaves like a kuttiya throughout the film jumping from one man to the other.

The characters of any film , especially the main ones cannot become heroes and heroines until and unless they have morals themselves.Even if they get trapped in unconventional relations ,the viewer should get convinced,approve it and be sympathetic to even such characters.

To be frank bringing out weaknesses and weak instances of individual lives on the celluloid especially of film field neither creates history nor gives any respectable image to both the makers and to the whole film industry. The makers seem to have no respect for their own field. Already the ordinary viewers are infected with an unnecessary negative imaginations about film field. Instead of throwing mud on female artists , the makers should have tried to bring out the subtle love and emotions with natural flow. Nothing they showed was in good taste.

The perfect characterizations of Zafar and nikhat in the first half get tarnished in the second half. Shiney as Zafar looked and liked as an intelligent dialogue writer ,with sophisticated costumes , manly personality ,as the right person for Nikha.In the second half the so called intelligent dialogue writer director goes on picturising his own personal life incidents which were already shown to the viewer. He cries while picturising as if they were great scenes. Makers forget that the viewers are supposed to cry , not the character itself.For some time he is a drunkard,he goes back to his place , becomes alright and comes back as if nothing has happened.

Ridiculously the character of Premkumar,(well played by Rajat kapoor),which was supposed to be a negative one in the first half appears to be a better and decent one than the actual hero Zafar.

What is that the makers have achieved? They simply lost a great opportunity to mesmerise the audiences and take back to the golden era of film industry.

At this juncture we are forced to think about the other film,Om Shanti Om .Hats off to Farah and Sharukh who touched the aspect of film making in true sense and gave some chance to the viewer to understand the technicalities of film making.

When Shiney drops the wine glass a child in the theatre loudly said "The End" making everybody laugh and relieve their boredom.

In the end when we are told Nikha died after one year’the response from the viewers was a big ‘who cares?’ laugh. That is because we never fall in love with Nikha.It is an utter failure of the characterization and the director.In such a scenario of wrong treatment of the characters , the artists and other technicians goes waste.Feel sorry for Soha who promoted such a wasteful picture called Khoya……’

Any viewer who is eager to watch it for its variety can simply walk away after the first half as the second part is filled with nothing but boredom.