0.5 Poor

Kabul Express

You know what Indiafm, I hope you pass this message to the makers of this film. KABUL EXPRESS is an insult to the history of Afghanistan and the war on those innocent people.

Yash Raj Films acting stupid and going out of the frame by letting an stupid IRANIAN director to make an movie about AFGHANISTAN. He should make a movie about IRAN first. What he knows about Afghanistan and its battles.

John Abraham was always dull in acting and again he proves it that he is nothing but an stupid guy who tries hard to be an actor with this CREAMED HAIR AND SLIM BODY. If you step inside Afghanistan first of all DUDE, you will be dead and you are walking with YOUR HAIR AND AN LEATHER JACKET ,,,,, stupid.. DULL SCRIPT...

And some funny dialogues, I bet you if you could say anything funny if you were in Afghanistan at that time..... you would be worried only about your life and safety... STUPID movie.... this is an abuse to AFGHANISTAN history and its people.

STUPID YRF accepting such an dull script. I SPIT ON this movie.