3 Good

It takes Guts, lot of guts to portray such dark, deep beautiful characters. An actor goes through a lot of issues playing so many people in one single life. Whatever struggles Kangana has gone through. I'm thankful. They may have led her to discover her talent to such a great extent. Her acting is as always beautiful, well researched and Not Over acting. Infact I believe her 'mental' is very subtle. Not over played. (What's eating Gilbert Grape? now that was an obvious portrayal of a mental illness). Here it was subtle and beautifully presented. Rajkumar Rao is again very gifted himself. But I believe he had a quite one dimensional character and the story was mostly about Kangana so Rao didn't have much leaway to express the character more. Their chemistry is electric. The songs, the costumes, the screenplay. I LOVED IT. Albeit a bit predictable in the second half, movie was quite enjoyable! Apart from that ... We know the outside, the news reports, her behaviour Now. we donnot know and can never know about what conspired behind. Before Kangana started behaving this way. Nobody loves an honest person. She has been honest from the start. And we all know what happens to honesty in these times. :)