2 Average

Last week, Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum consisting of not-so-popular star cast raked in a lot of moolah at the box office. This week, it’s Jism-2 that has opened with a bang. Both the film has 2 similarities. Both are adult films – the former is a sex comedy while the latter is a kind of an erotica. And secondly, both the movies are badly made! The producer, director, writer and the actors associated with Jism-2 are all reputed to come up with the best. Songs are exemplary and not to forget, the film boasts of Sunny Leone as its prime USP. But Pooja Bhatt’s direction is far from convincing. Sad!

The story of the movie: Izna (Sunny Leone) is a porn star who is hired by intelligence officials, Guru (Arif Zakaria) and Ayaan (Arunoday Singh). Izna is supposed to move to Sri Lanka in the neighborhood of Kabir (Randeep Hooda), a rogue ex-official and extract crucial data from him. Izna is no stranger to Kabir. Both share a passionate and tragic past. Problem arises when Izna loses control over her emotions when fooling Kabir and on the other hand, Ayaan falls for Izna.

Jism-2 is in a way a clone of Emraan-Kangna-Shiney starrer Gangster. The film commences in the same way as Jism-1 and curiosity sets right from there. The first half is breezy and sans complaints. Izna-Kabir’s flashback is lovely, and watch out for the song ‘Maula’. Beautifully presented! Also the sequence where Kabir apologizes to Izna shows Pooja Bhatt’s brilliance. But the film goes downhill in the second hour. Ayaan’s outburst during ‘Abhi Abhi’ song just didn’t seem convincing at all. In fact, both Ayaan and Izna appear confused throughout the film and the execution is to blame here. Even the climax seemed stupid and you can’t help but draw comparisons with the first part of Jism. Kahaan woh film aur kahaan yeh!

Only saving grace is Kabir’s character, played outstandingly by Randeep Hooda! The character seemed justified in whatever he was doing, unlike others! Even the idealistic lines and shayaris were kind of unwanted, but you don’t mind as they were mouthed by Randeep! The actor infuses life into the character and in the film as well. If you liked him in Jannat 2, you’ll love him in Jism-2! The film might not be remembered for long but Randeep’s act would be surely remembered as one of his finest!

Sunny Leone was apt for the role. When she says ‘I am Izna and I am a porn star’ in the film’s beginning, you can imagine her in the character and there was no need for the director/writer to insert scenes to justify the same! She oozes lots and lots of oomph and most importantly, performs well. And she’s cute as well! Hope Ragini MMS-2 gives her a chance to show more of her acting prowess! Arunoday Singh shines in some scenes but fails utterly otherwise. Arif Zakaria was as usual too good and so was Imran Zahid.

Music is beautiful and all songs in the film – Yeh Kasoor, Darta Hoon, Yeh Jism and Maula – are well composed and written. Maula however takes away the cake because of its picturisation. Nigam Bomzan’s cinematography is terrific. Scenes are very well shot, especially the serene locales of Sri Lanka. Mahesh Bhatt’s story was too good and had all the ingredients for an erotic-cum-love story-cum thriller. But a small amount of damage at the screenplay stage and more damage happened during execution. Pooja Bhatt’s Holiday and Dhokha were a treat to watch but Kajraare (Himesh Reshammiya starrer, remember?) was horrible to say the least! With Jism-2, Pooja deserves appreciation for keeping the scenes aesthetically appealing, especially the lovemaking scenes. However, the pace is very slow, especially in the second half and characters’ actions don’t seem justified. Hence, one doesn’t empathize at all, particularly with Izna, the protagonist. Jism-3 is all set to release in winter 2013 and I hope Pooja brings the magic of Jism-1 in it!

On the whole, Jism-2 is a huge disappointment. The film has loads of erotic moments but one wished to experience the magic of Jism-1 in the second part, which is sadly missing! Only saving grace of the film is Randeep Hooda and his outstanding performance. Jism-2 has taken a huge opening and in the long run, will make pots of money. But it won’t be remembered as a well-made film. Hope the third part has ‘body’ and ‘soul’ as well!