1 Poor

Its raining sequels in monsoon months this time,be it hollywood or our very own bollywood. But they come wih a responsibility of a successful name and huge expectations from audience. Merely using a successful movie's title is not enough. Jism only has name from the 1st movie and nothing else.To start with sunny leone maybe a porn star but she cannot be as sensuous and mysterious as bipasha was. The male leads are not worth a mention, dialogues seem to enforced upon them..sunny leone speaking urdu dialogues..u will judder with the way she speaks n acts everything with a flat face and breathing heavily
( every scene she is doing that only to attract viewers to her cleavage). She behaves n walks like a porn star, CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED AS AN ACTRESS. Music is a big letdown,u might hunt for a disprin . Publicised as an "Erotic Thriller"..its neither erotic( pathetic lovemaking scenes) nor thrilling (crap plot). I wonder what inspired TOI to rate it as 3.5 stars. Do not waste your time and money on this one..even on a DVD. Total washout.