4.5 Excellent


Lagay Raho Munnabhai (LRM)

I was dying 2 see again the jodi of Circuit n Munna
Ab tu inki kahani Ghandhiji style bole toh apun ki jubaani sunn-naa.

Hats off to the team of LRM especially Rajkumar Hirani
Varna KRRISH aur PHIR HERA PHERI ke baad box office ho rahi thi viraani.

It had a nice blend of Gandhigiri n Gundagiri
It was important 2 remind the principles of Ghandhiji 2 this peerih.

LRM dealt with a serious issue in a lighter andaaz
Really, miserable n pathetic ho gayi hai condition society ki aaj.

Only Gandhiji’s principles can bail us out of this mussi-- batt
2 imbibe Gandhiji’s principle is what was repeatedly being told by Munnabhai alias Sanjay Dutt.

Munna n Circuit again showed their kamaal
And with Vidya Balan complementing our Munnabhai 2 perfection, it is sure 2 make dhamaal.

Sanju n Arshad again proved their supremacy
Poore samay theatre mein sirf sunaai deh rahi thi hassi.

So, do give this movie a shot
I can bet u’ll enjoy this movie a lot.

Go n book a ticket of LRM 2day
Don’t get surpised if after watching it, U say—

Mazza Aa Gaya Mammu !

Nowadays very few movies give entertainment-cum-sundesh
Let’s make a resolution that on the principles of Ghandhiji, we’ll change ourselves, the society n our pyaara desh.