0.5 Poor


Well Promos of hissss were exciting and i was determined to see it on 1st day and i saw the movie yesterday as i am living in UAE and here movies release 1 day before India release.
I am cursing my self to watch a movie like hisss which is full of crap and bullshit.
Confused screenplay & story, poor acting from all the lead actors which includes irrfan.
Mallika does not have a single dialouge in the film. Movie start from 1500 sometingh bc showing that there was a naag devi and it transform into the modern and present day of india. Where an american who is suffering from brain cancer is looking out for naag manni and the help of local goons he kidnappes naagin sex mate naag and then naagin transform into a women after a while and start looking for his mate. Over all the movie runs only on this bullshit story.
Mallika & Govind Menon said in a interview that special effects are soul of this movie and after seeing this i rate our desi special effects are much better than this.Editing of the movie is poor, Music is poor background score is well to put any one sleep, pathetic production value. Its a sin to see a movie like hissss.
Director Lynch has shown India in poor taste:
1: Firangi urinating in jungle fire and uring drops pour into indian local .
2: Why did the director shows three time a liitle boy doing shit in bye lane. Is this what this fu**ed up firangi think about India.